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Oct 3, 2011 Category: Web Portfolio

Screen-Shots vs Live Links

It is always interesting and a little painful to design for yourself. Especially a Web design portfolio. As clients come and go  the design you crafted may get changed for better or worse, and your site can end up with broken links or links to a site that no longer reflects the original design. Sometimes clients insists on something that no longer makes you want to show-case the site at all!

I have been lucky, most of my clients have had artistic tendencies. Which brings me to why I have decided to start using screen shots of my designs. In some cases I miss not showing off the cool roll-over effects I coded, but that is offset by the thought that another younger Web designer will not look at the horrible code of the old ‘Go Live’ table based HTML. In those cases I am happy to settle for showing off my nice graphic design.

Some of those old sites are still live and in those cases I have added a link. How much easier to just remove the link if things change. Sometimes I add a version of the site to my server as a time capsule of what it originally looked like.

For now screen shots are a good solution for me.

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