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Sep 22, 2011 Category: Web Portfolio, Web Thoughts

How Many Web Sites Make a Good Portfolio?

Many people on line will say a Web portfolio should have 5 sites and they should be your very best ones.

They should represent the kind of site you want to make.

I agree in principle and would probably say the same thing to my students, however I use my site when talking to potential clients and I like to have a variety of sites to show them to help formulate ideas about what they are looking for.

You certainly don’t want any Web sites on your portfolio site that make you squirm, but there is no reason to hide your older sites if they are food for good discussion.

I also use examples for my students to illustrate some of the changes in coding that have evolved, and can better explain the need for good CSS if I can show them the code from those old sites and explain what a horror changes were without it.

Big, small, complex, simple, different menu styles, shopping carts… the more I can show the better.

As for representing the style I want to create… That changes day to day.

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