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Jan 18, 2013

Adding Font Stacks to Dreamweaver

Before you add custom web fonts to your Web page it is a good idea to think about the fonts that are already installed on most computers. This great post by Amrinder Sandhu at www.awayback.com about revising your font-stacks (the font-family lists in Dreamweaver for example). Is a wonderful resource.

I appreciate the work put into the post comparing how your typography will look on a Mac or a PC according to the stack. Taking into consideration more than serif vs. sans-serif the post shows differences in readability and line height. He lines up some usable font stacks that start with the desirable font and then stack the most appropriate replacements.

I decided to insert his stacks into my Dreamweaver font-family lists.

Here are the steps to add the wayback.com CSS font-family stacks to Dreamweaver: (more…)

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